#HeyMa is trending in Chicago on Mother’s Day

a song written by 18yr.-old Chance
the Rapper. it is beautiful.

today is a perfect May.

outside families flower
and plant and seed
the front lawns. fathers
in the park, sun is over
head. the day is over due
it is to over do. a day for your Ma.
the only woman who gave you
the Chance to breath and feel
love and hurt and happy and too
many Ma’s are gone or gone
away. this day to remember
to reach out and say thank you
for me, this body, for other people’s
mamas who are here
literally thru them.

and i miss my ma
today. i wish she was
in Chicago and i wish she could live
forever. it’s now
more of my life she’s been away
than here. she is far
from home and happy
but economy and circumstance
and cancer made her leave
the city i love. i am on
the phone with her
crying, sharing with my Ma
Chance’s song

this young man from Chatham
where mothers don’t have it easy
don’t know if their boys will be back.
all mothers worry and hope, sure
but to be a Brown boy in Chicago
is to leave the house
with weapons raised against you
cops and cops and gangs
and white mayors and builders
of prisons and schools systems
have it in
to end you
it seems…

in the outro
Chance thank his homies

and i only know
first hand what my Ma
went thru with me
and my brother
single and broke
and broken.
all she went thru
to get us thru.
Chance say thank you
and i am thankful
to be my mother’s son

#HeyMa #HeyMa
i know i neva did behave alot
neva got good grades alot
and turn your hairs to grays alot

a full head of them now

honors all Ma’s
for r being
for making us    be.
on this day we pause
but on all days we know
even when we don’t,     exactly
where we come from