The Chicago Anthem- The O’my’s feat. Kevin Coval & The Chicago Children’s Choir

“We have a vision and hope for this city, this summer, that we can make Chicago fresher and more just and more equitable. We are building ONE Chicago, countering the vision of the architects and urban planners and mayors who grow the gap between the city of saved and city of the damned. We imagine and work toward ONE city that is de-segregated like the culture we make. THIS is a Chicago tradition too, a mix of House music and The Haymarket Riot, a new public square, for all who are here and ALL who will come.” – Kevin Coval
The project began after Kevin collaborated with Chicago’s Cultural Commissioner Michelle Boone on a poem for the launch event of Choose Chicago. After hearing the poem, Lou Razin, from Broadway in Chicago, encouraged Kevin to write the city a new anthem. Kevin brought a young, new soul band from Chicago, The O’My’s, into the writing process, and worked with their producers, Blended Babies to record the song. Long-time friend and supporter Joe Shanahan at the Metro introduced the team to Josephine Lee from the Chicago Children’s Choir, who lace the chorus. The visuals were created with director Jay Caves from Heart of the City.