Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago, a tale of two cities

By Kevin Coval
updated 11:02 PM EDT, Thu April 3, 2014
(CNN) — Rahm Emanuel is building a Second City. Two cities really, as the “two summers” theme shown in Episode 4 of “Chicagoland” suggests. One white, one black. One for the rich, one for the poor. One for private schools, one for closed schools. A new Chicago for the saved and the damned. Gold coast heavens and low-end hells. It’s biblical, binary.

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“As a poet once observed, “Poetry is the music of facts.” Kevin Coval’s poetry rings with that music. From the grit and turmoil of everyday life, Coval constructs a new beauty that inspires and transforms.” BERNIE SAHLINS, FOUNDER of The Second City & Author of Days and Nights at The Second City: A Memoir




why jews celebrate x-mas

why jews celebrate x-mas
i. it’s the only time of the year all my mom’s people could get off work.
ii. it’s a production.
a. my grandma’s spread took days to lay out:
swedish meat balls in a hot and sweet brown sauce.
brisket in au jus (of course). mustard dip. farfalle
primavera. caramels, cookies and plenty of vodka.
iii. the main event was held just off the dining room
iv. the adults gathered for highballs and martinis (even though my
grandfather, a liquor salesman, never drank.)
v. this was the night he worked all year for.
vi. a room of family and a wall of presents, that cost money he made.
vii. proof he provided for his children and grandchildren.
viii. things you could touch and say my papa gave me this, this thing.
ix. this is the night, he felt most american
x. most fully


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